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Candidates (Permanent staff)

No searching

Rather than you searching for jobs we do the searching and matching for you.

Ask anonymous questions

You can anonymously ask questions before applying for a vacancy.

Standard vacancy and project format

Vacancies and projects are presented in a standard format, so you can quickly find the information that you need.

Identify your skills

We use your skills to perform an initial match with vacancies.

Ask questions

Before applying for a vacancy, you can anonymously ask the employer questions.

This can save you lots of time, by finding out information that normally comes to light in a first interview, or even worse on your first day.

You are competent

You know your stuff. You can prove it in a telephone interview and face to face interviews.

No more worrying about have you got enough recommendations.

We leave you alone

You will get very few emails from us and you can pause notifications from your account panel. We will not phone you.

You remain in control.

  • We will not sell your CV.
  • No companies will see your CV without your permission.
  • No one can view your profile without your permission.
  • No one can search for you.